Basic HAZMAT and Toxic Industrial Materials Incidents Management Course

Basic HAZMAT and Toxic Industrial Materials Incidents Management Course

Course Code: HZ_01

Course Location: JAHEZIYA - UAE

Course Duration: 15 Days

Certificate Expiry: N/A 

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Target Audience

This course is suitable for personnel working in countering Hazardous Material accidents.

Course Aim

Training in HAZMAT environments using SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) and improving the ability to deal with different types of HAZMAT incidents starting from the incident’s warning up to decontamination.
The course was built on the Emergency Response Guidance 2012 (2012) to cover awareness, prevention, identification and response.

Course Content

- Identify the different types and divisions of HAZMAT.
- Identify methods of identification, prevention and response procedures of HAZMAT incidents.
- Training using HAZMAT protective equipment.
- Human body functions, and reactions while using portable respirators within a SCBA.
- The functions of the devices used while working in a fully covered protection and with the portable breathing apparatus inside the [SCBA] inside a HAZMAT area.
- HAZMAT incidents management.
- Building and organizing a non-polluted area.
- Dealing with various leaks.
- Identify the methods of transport and storage of HAZMAT and the required conditions.

Competency Assessment

Delegates will be assessed on their theoretical and practical knowledge about the course content.


Medically and physically fit.

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training; Tabletop exercises

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