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In search of excellence and distinctiveness in providing outstanding service to our customers whose duty is to preserve their country and the community of individuals, we established Hot Zone Solutions Middle East in 2010. Offering training and consultation services in the fields of Security and safety regarding CBRNe, Radiation, and HAZMAT; we have relied on our military service experience and our knowledge of the needs related to our region and its specificity as well as the international and European expertise. We offer what we consider to be the first achievement in the region in the fields of security and safety, especially in dealing with chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents, which is supported by our customers’ testimony, respect, and trust in our service.

Constant Improvement

Over the past years, we have been able to convey European expertise in this field and adapt it to local needs. Our focus has been on our clients’ acquisition of skill as well as the latest information to enable them to encounter changing challenges. Our commitment to the values of honesty, sincerity, loyalty, and pledge to the security of our country is the standard that guides all our services which gave us a high reputation and made our customers trust in our distinguished services.


Leading Safety Training and Consulting in UAE

We were established in 2011 by Former UAE Chemical Defense Command Officers to provide a realistic and practical training and consultancy in the safety and security fields of Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threats (CBRN) and Hazardous Materials threats (HAZMAT). Since our beginning we are committed in providing excellent service and took upon ourselves a message of helping the society to live better.

Successful National & International Partnerships

We built a strong cooperation with recognized national and international organizations to establish and provide nationally and internationally recognized safety and security trainings Since 2011 Hot Zone Solutions Middle East has been providing a wide range of realistic and practical Live chemical, biological, radiological training for Governmental and Private Sectors in the UAE and the GCC.

Safety is Our Goal

From 2017 the Institute has started a new business direction in providing Radiation Protection Training (RP) for the industrial and the medical sectors which was driven by the necessity to increase the radiation safety awareness among interventional and non-interventional personnel in the private sector. The courses are in line with FANR (Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulations) requirements and international standards.

Our Vision & Mission



Our vision is to be the leading regional most practice-oriented and realistic Safety and Security training provider and to continue following a methodology of our patriotic target and a main national message. We Emphasize on our services to achieve a Wide-Ranging Influence regionally and Internationally to become a True One-Stop Shop & Leader within our industry.



We’re seeking to deliver practical and realistic training, and consultancy in the fields of safety and security to increase the preparedness of the governmental agencies and the private sectors against threats of CBRN, HAZMAT and Radiation Materials by providing internationally recognized training, and consultancy in cooperation with national and international organizations.


At Hotzone Middle East, we follow a methodology of achieving the highest standards of practical knowledge provided to our customers and trainees.

Determine Our Customer Needs

Through getting to know the needs of our customers; we form our courses and consultations in order to cover their practical knowledge with the integrated aspects.

Theoretical & Practical Training

We provide a side-to-side theoretical and practical training with realistic scenarios to put our trainees in actual atmospheres of getting exposed to agents’ effects and how to deal with it initially and during the exposure.

Provide Professional Consulting Service

Our role doesn’t just end with the courses period, we provide post consultancy to our customers and their trainees to follow up with their requirements and need, so we are your strategic partner on the long term.


Highly qualified European Instructors

We depend on highly qualified European instructors with real-life experience in their fields with Military and Civilian background as they are experts in providing the highest levels of training and consultations .

Real Protection equipment for Training

Hotzone Middle East provides with real protection equipment for training to create a realistic environment for trainees with using life chemical and radiological agents.

Specialized training facilities in UAE and Europe

We provide integrated and specialized training facilities in the UAE and Europe with real protection equipment for training to create a realistic environment for trainees with using life chemical and radiological agents.

The Newest Approach with International Accreditations

Hotzone Middle East provides with real protection equipment for training to create a realistic environment for trainees with using life chemical and radiological agents.


Our team of high-profile trainers and subject matter experts is ever growing, and we are proud to have trainers and experts with real-life experience in their fields. All our instructors are European nationals who have served as Subject Matter Experts for many years with international organizations such as OPCW, IAEA, and NATO. Our highly-qualified instructors are aware of the requirements and the challenges faced by our clients.

His operational national and international CBRN Fixed-experience ensures the best quality for Safety, Protection Training, and Consulting with more than 25 years of experience in CBRN and WMD.

Dieter Rothbacher

carries more than 10 years of experience in the field of Radiation Safety and Protection. As a Radiation Protection Instructor and has certified more than 400 employees in a top industry. .

Anshul Handa


It’s a key mission of safety and security to collaborate with global safety and protection organization, the strategic partners we have chosen for work together to develop our practical training systems have added valuable experience.

We are proud to collaborate and work closely with international organizations from leading
safety and security institutes such as:


The Seibersdorf Academy is Austria‘s largest training center for radiation protection. As well as an extensive training program for the civilian sectors of medicine, technology, and research. They provide high-quality laboratory and analytical services for solution-oriented research and development. The trainings not only depend on research but also on practical courses. this effort clear in inclusive courses and seminars focusing on practical training and training in radiation protection and in the area of non-ionizing radiation. by providing the latest developments and techniques in metrology through to the implementation of certified analysis methods.


ISEC stands for Industrial safety & emergency consult, ISEC – It’s a training provider for industrial and renewable safety & emergency related trainings. The center works to ensure the safety of companies that work in exceptional circumstances. Hotzone middle East is so proud to collaborate with permanent instructors and consultants who have such experiential knowledge. ISEC ensures with its super planned programs that trainees excel themselves and create a safe working environment in their work facilities. The safety center offers training programs in industrial firefighting and more safety areas.

Czech Republic

The military research institute works hard to ensure the fulfillment of the strategic and other essential interests of the state in the field of defense and security, collaboratively with safety organizations all over the world with versatile experiences. VVU aims to develop the abilities of the Czech Armed Forces that filling obligations arising from its membership in NATO and the EU. Through innovative programs; it aims to achieve the highest levels of awareness and professional practice for those who are involved in the relevant field.



EVN, your energy expert from Lower Austria!EVN is the biggest electricity, gas, and heat supplier in Austria, also provide energy solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs.Our mission is supply safely and reliably the right energy for daily needs – for households as well as for companies and communities. Energy efficiency usage is our goal. 


CBRN Protection provides CBRNe training, consultancy, and equipment – including integrated solutions – to private companies and public authorities in/from many countries throughout the world. The focus of refining trainees with the ideal practical knowledge and experience is the core target of the provided service, hence the institutions and organizations who are need for such consultancy can support their workforce with the highest level of cognitive practice.

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