Basic CBRN Incident Response Training

Basic CBRN Incident Response Training

Course Code: CBRN_007

Course Location: JAHEZIYA - UAE

Course Duration: 15 Days

Certificate Expiry:N/A 

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Target Audience

The target group for this course is the military personnel who is responsible or will be appointed for CBRN incident response.

Course Aim

This course is to provide Response Team members with advanced skills to analyze, plan and implement a response to a possible criminal or terrorist activity involving CBRN materials.
The course content is in line with NFPA 472 and best practice for emergency/first response personnel.

Course Content

This course meets the requirements for intervention personnel to be able to work in a team to survey or mitigate any CBRN incident.
We train participants on safe working procedures under incident conditions, including advanced training on communication, decontamination, calculations, measurements, cartography, the search of CBRN material in the field, basic sampling and other relevant tasks.
Be familiar with the following subjects:

- The properties and effects of CBRN agents

- Methods of dissemination of CBRN materials

- Toxicology and first effects of CBRN materials

- Terrorist action using CBRN materials

- Team protection procedures (personal protective equipment, donning/doffing, avoidance of contamination)

- Theory of decontamination and application of selected decontamination procedures and the setup of an Emergency Personal Decontamination Station (EPDS)

- Management of contaminated personnel (Casualties and Responders)

- Definition and marking of an initial hazardous CBRN area

- CBRN hazard assessment techniques, pre- and post-blast, including x-ray

- CBRN detection employing available equipment as user, pre- and post-blast

- Potential outcomes of a CBRN incident

Competency Assessment

Participants are required to pass an assessment (written examination).


Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Trained in CBRN Awareness

- Medically and physically fit (Employer to provide medical clearance for the employee to work in personal protective equipment)

- Able to understand instructions/training delivered in the English Language

- 18 years of age as a minimum

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training

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