Online Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology Training 22 June 2020


The course is designed for personnel who work in the medical sector and require to be Radiation Protection in Diagnostic Radiology. Those already responsible for/or planning to take charge of radiation protection and safe operation of radioactive materials, open and sealed sources and radiation devices in a workplace.


The aim of the Radiation Protection  in Diagnostic Radiology Course is to familiarize participants with radiation health physics and radiation protection program.
This course is designed according to the requirements of FANR, International Atomic Energy Agency and International Air Transportation Association.


The course covers fundamentals and principles of non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, units of radioactivity, radiation protection principles (ALARA), in-depth knowledge of shielding of gamma and neutron sources and basic RPO officer job responsibilities through the following topics:

  • Review of radiation fundamentals
  • Quantities and measurements
  • Biological effects of ionizing radiation
  • Principles of radiation protection and the international framework
  • Regulatory control
  • Assessment of external and internal exposures
  • Protection against occupational exposure
  • Medical exposures in diagnostic radiology


Participants are required to pass an assessment (written examination) at the end of this course.


Has an education of secondary level corresponding to 10-12 years of schooling, communication skills in English, leadership skills, analytical skills, human-machine interface skills, multi-task management skills.


Trainees will learn by active participation in live enthusiastic and interesting activities using Live tools and interactive techniques through different scenarios.

This training is provided using SEALED RADIOACTIVE SOURCES.

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