CBRN Awareness (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

CBRN Awareness (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear)

Course Code: CBRN_016

Course Location: UAE

Course Duration: 3 Days

Certificate Expiry: 3 Years

7,500.00 AED + VAT 5%

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Target Audience

This basic course is suitable for anyone, working in industries that may be exposed to CBRN substances, such as Health and Safety Wor

Course Aim

Trainees will learn by active participation in live enthusiastic and interesting activities using Live tools and interactive techniques through different scenarios. Trainees will attend practical team exercises such as questioners at the end of every lesson, group quizzes and daily exams for better understanding of the course material.

Course Content

The aim of the course is to familiarize participants with CBRN agents and their respective properties and the measures they can take to protect themselves against them

- Introduction to CBRN

- Historical events and CBRN incidents and accidents

- Chemical Agents

- Biological Agents

- Radiological Agents

- Nuclear Agents

- Detection of CBRN materials

- Protective measures and Personal Protection Equipment

- Decontamination principles and procedures

- Medical Measures and First-Aid

Competency Assessment

Participants are required to pass an assessment (written examination).


Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Has an education of secondary level corresponding to 10 12 years of schooling, communication skills in English, leadership skills, analytical skills, human machine interface skills, multi task management skills

- Medically and physically fit (Employer to provide medical clearance for the employee to work in personal protective equipment)

- Able to understand instructions/training delivered in the English Language

- 18 years of age as a minimum

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training

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