CBRN Awareness Training For Customs and Borders Guards

CBRN Awareness Training For Customs and Borders Guards

Course Code: CBRN_008

Course Location: JAHEZIYA - UAE

Course Duration: 5 Days

Certificate Expiry: N/A 

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Target Audience

This course is suitable for personnel working in customs and border guards.

Course Aim

The scope of this course is to familiarize participants who work at national borders and border crossings with CBRN materials, their transport, legal and illegal use and their respective properties and protective measures when exposed to these materials in line of the participants’ duties.

Course Content

- The different classes of CBRN materials and identify differences in their properties

- The properties and effects of CWA, TIMs, biological and radiological agents

- The handling of dangerous materials (HAZMAT)

- Transport of CBRN materials

- Recognition of the first effects of exposure to CBRNE materials through physical signs and symptoms

- The basis of detection and screening of CBRN materials and the identification using both fixed and portable detection and screening systems

- Self-protection and the protection of those in the immediate vicinity of CBRN materials

- The basis of personal protective equipment, decontamination, and individual protection procedures (PPE, donning/donning, avoidance of contamination)

- Theory of decontamination and application of selected decontamination procedures (e.g. immediate decontamination of personnel)

- Categories of CBRN devices (CBRN IED’s, CBRN DD’s and CBRN SD’s)

- Definition and marking of an initial hazardous CBR area

- CBR detection employing available equipment as user

- National and international rules and regulations

Competency Assessment

Delegates will be assessed on their theoretical and practical knowledge about the course content.


Participants should be medically and physically fit and staff member of Customs or Border Guards.

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training

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