Emergency Radiation Incident Commanders Course

Emergency Radiation Incident Commanders Course

Course Code: CBRN_005

Course Location: JAHEZIYA - UAE

Course Duration: 10 Days

Certificate Expiry:N/A 

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Target Audience

Incident Commanders of radiological incidents.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to qualify the Incident Commanders to manage and direct the response efforts during incidents involving ionizing radiation.
This course is in line with NFPA 472 and the best practices for emergency and first response personnel.

Course Content

This is advanced level training appropriate for command level responders with the responsibility of directing response efforts during incidents involving ionizing radiation.

- Understand Response Doctrine;

- Recognize Hazards for Responders in Radiological Emergencies;

- Be familiar with the protection of the public;

- Comprehend the management of radiation dose;

- Understand the principles of how to manage the incident;

- Execute practical exercises to manage radiological incidents.

Competency Assessment

Participants are required to pass an assessment by the end of the course and successfully perform practical exercises.


Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Completion of the Emergency Radiation Incident Response Course

- Medically and physically fit

- Communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills

Method of Training

Theoretical and practical: Trainees will learn by active participation in live enthusiastic and interesting activities using Live tools and interactive techniques through different scenarios using SEALED RADIOACTIVE SOURCES.

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