Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents (SIBCRA)

Sampling and Identification of Biological, Chemical and Radiological Agents (SIBCRA)

Course Code: CBRN_009


Course Duration: 15 Days

Certificate Expiry:N/A 

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Target Audience

The target group for this course is the Sampling Team within the Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Incident Response Team.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to provide the skill and competence required for the safe collection of samples in hazardous conditions and to maintain the legal chain of custody, collection and identification of samples contaminated with chemical, biological and radiological agents without destroying them to allow laboratories to conduct rigorous scientific tests and to use them as forensic evidence.

Course Content

- Analysis of information available to determine the type of evidence available and the type of samples to be collected.

- Practice of reconnaissance, protection and decontamination procedures for the team and equipment.

- Identify and practicalize the concept of SIBCRA and identify the sampling equipment.

- SIBCRA analysis Methods (method of work and results).

- Decision-making process by the team leader, and roles within the team.

- Sampling techniques: avoid pollution, packaging and conservation methods.

- Sampling, legal chain for the preservation of forensic evidence.

- Practical training in several scenarios.

- Practical training in the laboratories of the Academy using chemical, biological and radiological agents.

Competency Assessment

Delegates will be assessed on their theoretical and practical knowledge about the course content.


Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Medically and physically fit

- Communication skills, leadership and analysis skills

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training

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