Train the Trainers CBRN

Train the Trainers CBRN

Course Code: CBRN_015

Course Location: JAHEZIYA - UAE

Course Duration: 10 Days

Certificate Expiry: N/A

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Target Audience

The target group for this course is the officers and senior NCOs who will be future trainers.

Course Aim

The aim of this course is to enable CBRN personnel to organize and conduct internal training for their personnel.

Course Content

- Introduction to Instructional Design,

- Understand Training Cycles,

- Develop a Training Program,

- Develop and Conduct a simple exercise,

- Conduct a basic training activity,

- Evaluate training,

- Develop and Produce training documentation,

- Recognize the students’ needs and learning disabilities,

- Appreciate Instructor/Student confidentiality,

- Utilize References and Standards,

- Organize and Conduct on the Job Training.


Delegates will be assessed on their theoretical and practical knowledge about the course content.


Participants should meet the following criteria:

- Basic CBRNe Training course

- CBRNe First Responders Course

- Medically and physically fit

Method of Training

Delivery methods include: Classroom and Practical Training; Tabletop exercises.

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